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Common Challenges We All Face

Does this sound familiar?

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Under Pressure

Are you constantly feeling pressured to meet your goals? Maybe overcome by pressure your family?

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Never Enough Time

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and struggling to find time to focus in the midst of day-to-day work, family time, and studies?

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Anxiety & worry

Is worry keeping you up at night? Anxiety about the upcoming game or presentation? … not to mention the exam coming up?

Feel Stuck?

Kapi`olani A. Laronal, Certified Performance & Leadership Coach

Millions of people dream of becoming successful, or at least to do and be more. You tried to create daily habits or probably have written out your goals, but, it hasn’t gotten much further than that. Life gets in the way.  What separates you from others is this moment. Your curiosity means that you have the desire to evolve, transform and master a newfound craft, to develop your passion, to find purpose and meaning in your life.

But, maybe you’ve hit a wall. Your motivation to train may feel dull. You may feel under pressure by your family, community or peers. Do you get stuck in a cycle of worry and anxiety? Do you hear the same answers from the same people? Are you looking for support outside of your network that is free of criticism, doubt, and pressure? These are tell-tale signs that you are ready to do something about it.  

Supporting organizations and partners with leadership development & Transformation.

Inquire about my work with organizations and companies on Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion (DEAI).

Discover the Possibilities.

Signature Coaching Program

I’ve got good news. If you think this is it and your time is up, I’ve got a solution. In my guide, 5 Failproof Tips for Amping Up Your Game, I share key techniques that you can employ off-the-field that will set you apart from others. A surefire way to achieve max results is to be relentless at garnering the right support of trained and experienced professionals who have the techniques and strategies that can help you overcome fears and step into your power on the field and on stage.

Do your research. Make sure you can trust in their experience as a competitive athlete, educational background, and certifications in professional coaching. Performance coaches that are trained and certified, help you develop the necessary tools off the field that equip you with a mastery-level mindset to identify and tackle key factors that affect your sports performance.

As a Trained and Certified Coach, I will work alongside your coach and trainers to maximize your output. I give you tools for mastering your craft, your environment, and your mind so that when you step out on the field, into the ring, on the court or stage you are in the zone – helping you show up on the game day with peace of mind, focus, and readiness.

Are You Ready?

Three Steps to Get Back In The Game

Book a Call With Me

The first step is to book a call with me. This starts the process.

Create a Plan

Together we will identify your biggest challenges and we will create a plan.

Set Goals & Celebrate Success

Every week we will put that plan into action, we will identify challenges and celebrate success.

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