Practices of Positive Change

Diversity, Equity, Access / indigenous peoples / strategic planning

Organizational Change Starts from the Inside Out

Identity is such a core part of who we are as humans. It shapes our core values and purpose. Identity never ends it evolves and carries on to future generations. Have an open mind, dive deep, and then resurface to the world of practice, strategies and DEAI focused metrics that will help you or your company be true to it’s name. The power is in the practice that drives the name.

Current & Former Clients

Partnerships & Presentations

Acera Professional Development Series Jan - Mar 2021
Napali Fellow Reunion July 2021
Olohana Foundation - Partner
Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy Fellows Leadership Series November 2020
Seattle University Masters in Teaching Feb 2021
Two Coyotes Leadership Development Jan 2020
Institute for Nonprofit Practice Leadership Series March 2021
Featured on Insight Timer " Ho'oponopono: A Native Hawaiian Practice "
Kingston Food Coop Strategic Plan 2021

Social Media & Online Courses

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